Gringa Goes Global

About a year ago I applied to teach English through the Chilean English Opens Doors Program. Unfortunately the program was already full – but it didn’t stop me from applying to the waitlist and researching Chile and the regions of South America with a fervor – devouring articles, photos, travel blogs, and yerba mate all in one […]

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Pressure Points

A week ago I tried acupuncture for the first time. It had been something I was always interested in – something always featured in movies and television shows as equal parts terrifying and tranquil. Which honestly sums up the experience quite accurately, in some respects. The pins are all positioned strategically over pressure points throughout the body. […]

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I Miss People

I’m not speaking about certain individuals like a lost love or the fatality of friends I mean the sincerity of strangers threaded throughout our thumbprints Those unsung spirits Heroines and heroes sans egos but with in-erasable emotions I miss someone wearing their heart on their sleeves and instead of shooing them away, I would roll […]

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MADE: I Want to Be a Slam Poet

Who would have thought this dumbass could write poetry?  A few months ago I started to watch TED talks at work to help break up the monotony of music I had become bored with. So instead of my background noise being random beats and lyrics, it became rhetoric by scientists and authors, adventurers’ sharing their […]

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A Classification of Man

Women have a tendency to believe that just because a guy has a penis, that immediately makes him a man. It doesn’t. In fact, the penis is a defining character of a man but capability of erection ≠ define a dude entirely. In my wide travels of the world (and the many men who inhabit it) I […]

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