I Miss People

I’m not speaking about certain individuals like a lost love or the fatality of friends I mean the sincerity of strangers threaded throughout our thumbprints Those unsung spirits Heroines and heroes sans egos but with in-erasable emotions I miss someone wearing their heart on their sleeves and instead of shooing them away, I would roll […]

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MADE: I Want to Be a Slam Poet

Who would have thought this dumbass could write poetry?  A few months ago I started to watch TED talks at work to help break up the monotony of music I had become bored with. So instead of my background noise being random beats and lyrics, it became rhetoric by scientists and authors, adventurers’ sharing their […]

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A Classification of Man

Women have a tendency to believe that just because a guy has a penis, that immediately makes him a man. It doesn’t. In fact, the penis is a defining character of a man but capability of erection ≠ define a dude entirely. In my wide travels of the world (and the many men who inhabit it) I […]

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Previously On

As of late I’ve experienced a tremendous shift in my life. I’ve often times reflected on my life and thought to myself that I’m starring in a sitcom that God would refer to as his ‘guilty pleasure show’. So I’m comparing my current life changes to the end of a sitcom’s season. The finale is […]

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